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Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum

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- Normal Ticket Price: Adult: €5.00
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About Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum

Ghar Dalam Cave is a highly important site as it was here that the earliest evidence of human settlement on Malta, dating to 7,400 years ago, was discovered. The site consists of a cave and a museum. The lowermost layers of the Cave, more than 500,000 years old, contained the fossil bones of dwarf elephants, hippopotami, micro-mammals and birds. Above the pebble layer that follows, is the so-called ‘deer’ layer, dated to around 18,000 years ago. The top layer, or ‘cultural layer’, dates to less than 10,000 years and holds evidence of the first humans on the Island.

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Zejtun Road, B’ Bugia BBG9014

Opening Hours:


Tue, Thu to Sun (Closed on Good Friday, Christmas Eve & Day, New Year’s Eve & Day): 09.00 am - 17.00 pm - Please check Heritage Malta website


21 657 419



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